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Maintenance Tips

Turning off the water

A while back, an Owner had a water leak inside the home and was trying to locate the water shut-off.  After a few phone calls and such, they were able to locate the shut-off but, it took a while. 

You should locate the water shut-off now, not when you are in the middle of an emergency. 

For the quads and homes in Phase 1, your shut-off should be below the blue, “sub-meter” that was installed several years ago to measure individual water usage.  Some Phase 1 homes have the shut-off either behind or next to the water heater.  Some have the shut off in a closet adjacent to the water heater.

For Phase 2 and 3 homes, your shut-off should be adjacent to or behind your hot water heater.

 Here are some pictures of the typical shut-off in Pryse Farm.

Winter time: Cover those outdoor faucets!

As winter weather approaches, remember to remove all garden hoses and cover outside spigots to prevent freezing and possible busted pipe.   These covers can be found at Ace Hardware or home improvement stores.


Need to do exterior touch ups?

To do small exterior touch ups with the same paint, we do not need an ACR (Architectural Change Request).  We have the original Sherwin Williams paint colors.  The exterior siding is Relaxed Khaki; the trim is Natural Choice, and the doors are Thunder Gray. Also, Rick B. has found Behr’s Burnished Pewter at Lowes to be a close match for the doors.


Watering your yard?

Remember to follow First Utility’s watering schedule.  

Want to know WHY?  Check out their website page that explains all about it:  


Other home maintenance ideas?

Share with Pat and she can pass on the suggestions to neighbors here!


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