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Halloween Harvest Potluck Event

We had loads of fun with about 30 in attendance!  Sandi won Best Costume as the Queen of Hearts, and Carole came in second as a ghoulsome soul.  Enjoy the pictures from Luz, Carole, Beeb, and others!


Holiday Open House – 2023 Photos Coming!

Last year’s Holiday Open House was such a hit with the people who participated, that we decided to do a repeat!  If you’re interested and willing to open your home for neighbors to admire your decorations, let LouAnn D. know!  

Here are some pictures from LAST YEAR’S Open House.  These residents generously opened their homes and patios to neighbors for the FIRST EVER Holiday Open House at CPF!  Thanks to LouAnn and Dan, Sue and Bob, Beeb and Rick, Gary and Bil, Kathy, Marilyn and Tom, and Martha S.!