We PASSED our goal!!!!   The 65″ LG TV from CostCo has been purchased and put into place!   Our new TV details:  

Since we passed our goal, the surplus funds will be used to pay for a 3-year warranty and other Clubhouse purchases that have been on the wish-list if possible.

We are thrilled that so many people stepped up to help out!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!          

– Sandi, LouAnn, Beeb and Pat – Clubhouse Committee



Rick and Beeb Benson

Bob and Pat Rittenhouse 

Ed Smith

Harry and Sandi Page

Frank and Joann Hammerling

George and Debbie Carriker

Bill and Tracey Hiser

Wayne and Linda Fogle

Martha Wright

Mark and Paula Henley

Cathy Fischer

Jim and Helen Walker

Rob and Mary Ritchie

Kathy Perry

Lou and Betty Beausoleil

Rita Wilder

Gina Bonn

Anita and Louis Smith

Sue and Ted Warren

Barb and Dale Curtis

Tom and Sharon Heckler

Donna Conger

Luz and Lorenzo DiGiacomo

Bill Masters

Nancy Connor

Julie McCleary


Rick B. and Dale C. have installed the new TV in the Clubhouse and it’s ready to watch!  The guys have also moved the old TV into the exercise room where it is mounted and ready for our fitness buffs to enjoy.  The double-old-small TV is being turned in for recycling. 

We’re super lucky to have handy men among our neighbors!! 

Extra funds from fundraising went for....

…a shade for the half-circle window.  This will help prevent glare on the TV during football games and movie nights, etc.

A ping pong overlay table and ping pong equipment.  The overlay table will double as a buffet table during community events.  A table cloth for this was also purchased.