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Maintenance Tips

Patio Awnings

As you are thinking of adding some shade to your patios, please keep in mind that you will need to submit an ACR form if you are installing an attached awning.  The approved awning is the Sunsetter in nutmeg tweed. Contact Mooreshade 4 Less at 3593 Medina Rd, #109, Medina OH 44256. Phone # 866-497-4233 and website They will direct you to a local representative (probably Junior Hammock)   If you want to add a remote control, we have two electrician recommendations from neighbors:  
John Anderson 865-705-3133 or John Amerson at Amerson Electric 865-705-3133.


Turning off the water

A while back, an Owner had a water leak inside the home and was trying to locate the water shut-off.  After a few phone calls and such, they were able to locate the shut-off but, it took a while. 

You should locate the water shut-off now, not when you are in the middle of an emergency. 

For the quads and homes in Phase 1, your shut-off should be below the blue, “sub-meter” that was installed several years ago to measure individual water usage.  Some Phase 1 homes have the shut-off either behind or next to the water heater.  Some have the shut off in a closet adjacent to the water heater.

For Phase 2 and 3 homes, your shut-off should be adjacent to or behind your hot water heater.

 Here are some pictures of the typical shut-off in Pryse Farm.

Winter time: Cover those outdoor faucets!

As winter weather approaches, remember to remove all garden hoses and cover outside spigots to prevent freezing and possible busted pipe.   These covers can be found at Ace Hardware or home improvement stores.


Need to do exterior touch ups?

To do small exterior touch ups with the same paint, we do not need an ACR (Architectural Change Request).  We have the original Sherwin Williams paint colors.  The exterior siding is Relaxed Khaki; the trim is Natural Choice, and the doors are Thunder Gray. Also, Rick B. has found Behr’s Burnished Pewter at Lowes to be a close match for the doors.


Need to do interior touch ups?

If you’re doing touch-ups to your walls and you’re using the same color paint that was originally used by the builders, here’s some information that might help.

The original developer used Softer Tan SW6141 with Alabaster SW 7008 for the trim.

Later, Wilcox used Divine White SW6105 for the walls. 

If anyone has different paint or different info on original paint choices that should be posted, let Pat know.


Watering your yard?

Remember to follow First Utility’s watering schedule.  

Want to know WHY?  Check out their website page that explains all about it:  


In a quad home? Read this about your dryer vent!

This is for those quad home owners who have a power exhaust vent, pictured, for their dryer.  The vent pipe vents through the roof, and in my case, the pipe was attached to the roof flue only by tape.  You may want to inspect it in your attic to make sure it’s still attached.

When I was in my attic I saw that the pipe had detached from the flue causing the exhausted dryer lint to blow all over the attic. A handyman I hired just retaped it, but it broke free again.  So this time I had Keith Powell Heating/cooling repair it the right way by supporting the vent pipe with hanger straps.

I hope this helps some of you.  If you’d like more details, feel free to contact me. (Pat B. #759)


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