CPF McFee Road Traffic Safety Committee

Three of our community members-turned-activists worked hard to get the Town of Farragut’s attention to the McFee Road traffic problem, along with members of other communities alongside McFee.  Much appreciation goes to Clark, Belinda and Bil for their efforts!  

The latest update (from Aug. 10th) from L. Povlin on this:

We have engineering gathering data on and around McFee Road.  I understand that some data has already been collected, I am requesting follow up on some of the data.

I have spoken with David Smoak, our Town administrator, about meeting with our engineering and community development staff to formulate a path forward for meeting with you all to move this process forward.  David Smoak is looking at this very wholistically, understanding that the issues McFee Road residents are contending with are happening elsewhere in our community. Therefore, creating a toolbox that is applicable to other roads in the Town would be wise.

I know this is not happening at the pace you would like, unfortunately this is the speed of government.  Getting more data happens in between dealing with other citizens’ requests and town business in general.  The data is needed to support your efforts.